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Two years ago, viral and hot dances by Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian businessman, turned him into a social media star. His every new dancing release would blow up the media and win the hearts of many Instagrammers. An exuberant "dancing millionaire" continues to gain momentum while his sought-after videos infect the entire world with the speed of light! In less than twenty-four hours, his videos gain at least one million of views! In two years only, the number of Vacchi’s followers escalated to 11.3 million and it continues to grow exponentially every day since then.
Gianluca’s lifestyle amazes, delights, beckons, and sparks contagious curiosity in his grand audience. We too followed this trendy hot Italian, and as soon as the opportunity arose, we visited his residence in Miami to get our exclusive interview with him. The Italian sex symbol invited us to his apartment in Florida to share what hides behind the bright and stylish facade of his Instagram. The only time Gianluca invited Russian journalists to his home was during Andrei Malakhov's visit in 2016 to Bologna, Italy. Our crew received premier chance to be the first journalists to step into his new apartment in Miami.
Well, to say that we were amazed by the threshold of the prestigious penthouse is to say nothing! A flamboyant Italian greeted us with a warm smile in a black stylish gown with incredible white silk pajamas peering out! As it turned out, the gown and the shoes were the production of his own clothing and accessories brand "GV". Gianluca won our hearts with his charm from the very first seconds! Looking ahead, I will say that the first impression of an unconditionally genuine, open, and incredibly charismatic person only intensified after several hours spent together. The feeling that we are the most dear and long-awaited guests appeared immediately and did not leave until the last minute.
So, how does the home of one of the most discussed and controversial Internet Star look like? Gianluca’s penthouse has a unique layout with windows overlooking South Beach, a fantastic picturesque location with relaxing seashore atmosphere, and, from the other side, the bay and business skyscrapers of downtown Miami. Even a quick glance at his house was enough to immediately draw an analogy with his personality - on the one hand, the luxurious ease, and on the other, business affairs and everlasting commercial cases.
The apartment was bought 2.5 years ago, and to Vacchi’s own words, he completely redesigned it to his own taste. For example, there is still an ongoing construction of the pool on the rooftop of the house. The apartment itself, at the first onset, amazes with an abundance of light. The effect is enhanced by the minimalistic style of the house, which also explains why almost all the furniture and accessories are in light colors: white marble surfaces, white sofas, white orchids in combination with the purity and simplicity of straight lines. Responding to our unconditional reaction, Gianluca explained:
"Yes, I like it when there is a lot of light. That's why I chose to live in Miami.. The presence of sun is vital for me as it affects the rhythm of life, triggering the mechanism for action and creativity. And of course, sunlight contributes to the production of serotonin, which directly affects my mood! Miami is definitely "my" city. I like absolutely everything about it! Here, I am emotionally resting. It does not feel that you live in a metropolis - you are surrounded by friendly and open people. At any time, you can suddenly be on the beach swimming in the warm ocean, and in just 10 minutes you are already in the business center of a huge megapolis! And it's just amazing! In Miami, the lifestyle is completely different! In this city, it is fashionable and easy to have a healthy lifestyle, which is very important for me. In my area, there are many gyms and ... bars! (Laughs)."
Exploring further his apartment, we noticed a large number of rather strange objects. For example, in the living room, quite unexpectedly we saw ... ostrich! "I like to collect modern art, but not for the purpose of investing money. My purchases are coming from my heart - I liked the thing and I bought it! " In Vacchi’s apartment, we encountered quite a few unique pieces of contemporary art. The statue of the samurai was especially captivating for its life size. "Aah, Samurai. I have them in every home. You would ask “why”; I like their ideology, their devotion and dedication. They are the ones who will die for their emperor with delight."
As Gianluca recalls, love for the arts as well as for the good music come from his earliest age. His uncle was an artist whose works were regularly showcased in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, while his aunt’s jewelry was frequently presented in the Tate Gallery in London.
Continuing our fascinating conversation, Vacchi led us to his guest bedroom, where we saw another unusual piece of furniture, a bed that had a frame entirely decorated with small mirrors. "My design!" The owner said with the sense of pride.
From there, we headed towards a spacious terrace, that encircles entire apartment. We were thrilled to observe a stunning scenic view overlooking the marina.
"When I want to go on a boat trip on my yacht, I scream to my captain straight from this terrace "Let’s go! " And it turns out that right there is his magnificent boat. One of the three that he owns. It is worth noting that all his yachts carry one unusual name - "Genie of the Lamp". Why so? Gianluca shared his story with a great pleasure:
"Do you know the tale about the Aladdin, right? I always had a thought of what would I ask Genie had I found the magical lamp. That was the time I thought about having a yacht, which was only a dream by then. Ironically, my dreams started to become true as if Genie heard me. So, the name for my yachts now reflects on that magical momentum that happened in my life! " I asked Gianluca if he still has any dreams.
"Of course! I always dream about something that is quite difficult to get! And you know what, if you truly believe in something deep enough, the magic happens and all dreams come true! " As we continued our engaging conversation, the our crew moved to home movie theatre, where another great surprise was waiting for us! Instead of standard seats in front of the screen, we saw two rows of six twin-size beds nicely made and decorated as if in the suites of the most expensive hotels! Blankets, puffy pillows, all for the convenience of dearest friends who come to visit Vacchi. I could not resist asking him what role do his friends and guests play in his life?
"My house is always open to my friends!"
"Even, for all 11 million of your friends from Instagram?" I joke.
"Well, it turns out that it is so!" And, that is absolutely true. His charming Italian charisma and incredible sense of humor leave no place for any rumors about “megalomania”.
"I am always happy and ready to meet guests! A guest in my apartment should feel like home! My house is like a hotel, everything is here, and there is more than enough of everything you could think of! I prepare for some visits in advance; I make my favorite drinks and dishes before my friends arrive. That way I am confident that they will spend the best time here. "
- "And when Russian friends come to visit you, what do you offer them? Vodka? "
- "Of course! I love to have a shot of vodka! Honestly speaking, vodka is the only alcoholic beverage I drink. Most of my followers are from Moscow, and sometimes it does feel that I'm half Russian.”
Later Gianluca shared that he didn’t consume any alcohol until the age of 45. Which, in turn, explains how he manages to be so youthful looking at his age!
"Well, the alcohol part is covered. And what about proper nutrition? What can we find in your fridge?"
"Absolutely everything, but that’s not for me! Again, all those supplies are meant for my dearest guests. I prefer not to bother much with the food. I'm not a vegetarian, and I like organic food – poultry, fish, or any ordinary pasta. I can eat some meat too. But, I give my biggest preference to fruits and vegetables and absorb those in large quantities. Have I ever followed any diets? No. I eat everything that my body requests and requires. In a way, my diet comes from my intuition. " While observing the home theater at Gianluca’s, I asked him which movies he prefers to watch and got a completely unexpected answer:
“Action! And I don’t like romantic movies at all. " How is it that a man who receives so much of attention from the most beautiful women around the world, prefers to stay away from romantic flicks?
"Well, romantic relationship with women is quite different from a romantic movie. Yes, I have a lot of romantic stories about true love, and I treat each of them with the sincerest consideration. I really do not like to be associated with Casanova or a “playboy”. I'm not a collector in this regard, as many might think. And, in fact, I'm currently in the status of a bachelor. " That was quite a shock for us. We hurried to find out what kind of women attract this incredible man and got quite a surprising answer, again:
"There is no specific type. A woman, first of all, should arouse intellectual interest in me. "
"And what was the most romantic act you have ever done for your beloved one?"
"Once, I sent my private jet to pick up my girlfriend, and when she boarded, she saw that the salon was simply drowning in flowers - the flowers were all over the seats, except the one that she was supposed to sit on. And, there was an envelope with a secret message from me." "Oh, so you prefer writing letters rather than sending text messages?"
"For sure! When I met Georgia, I wrote to her more than 250 letters by hand! But ... those letters will remain our privacy forever! Because if we publish them, then we, perhaps, can easily beat Fifty Shades of Grey! – Italian’s sly smile stayed on his face while all the girls on the crew froze from admiration. "I'm almost like Mr. Grey from that book, only without the "play room". You can always tell when I fall in love: I immediately start writing notes. I like to write by hand and usually do it in the most unexpected places! I can even write a note to a beautiful girl sitting in the restaurant. I always get appreciation for my letters or notes! " And that’s the time you realize: there was no other way for this man, his appraisal of women and his generous kindness were meant for success.
"I like the act of seduction, in the good sense of the word. And this can be applied to business too – “seducing” you colleagues or potential partners is very useful! "
"And what about your book?" Did you write it "by hand" too? "
"Of course, I'm an old-school guy!"
Not so long ago, Gianluca wrote his own book Enjoy. As you can guess from the title, it is his autobiography, where he articulates on the principles of hedonism.
"Once during the TV interview, I had 10 seconds left before the end and I was trying to come up with some final words. For whatever reason, I shouted out “Enjoy!” Since then, this word was attached to me and I am often called Mr. Enjoy!”
Indeed, Mr. Enjoy was right in front of us. He is exactly the one who was "born with a silver spoon in his mouth." Vacchi was born in 1967 in Bologna in a very prominent family and received his economics degree at the University of Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna.
His family name “Vacchi” is one of the oldest Italian family line, and his family is primarily known for famous artists. Gianluca's father, on the other hand, founded a company that produces packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Gianluca currently is the member of the board of directors and owns 30 percent of the shares. He also owns SEA, which produces trailers and trucks, and owns shares at Eurotech and Toy Watch. Last but not the least, he founded his own brand GV, which produces clothes and accessories
Even with the enormous wealth he accumulated during his lifetime, Gianluca does not quit his business and continues to be an active entrepreneur. To the question how he manages to combine serious business and his successful social networks, he answers that he has finally learned to prioritize his time and delegate.
When I asked Vacchi where is his source of energy is coming from, I was amazed by the depth of his answer:
"I take all my energy from the understanding that the life is given once. We are all guests here and we must be grateful for everything that is given “at the entrance” to this world. Life is the most priceless loan which you are given to us for some time. Therefore, I enjoy my every day here, but younger generation may not appreciate it right away. Youth does not realize that life goes by with a speed of light, and they often waste it. They are looking for quick relationships, communicate with girls only through social media, and spend a lot of time with their phones, instead of having in-person experiences with their loved ones and friends to enjoy sincere conversation and eye-contact … "
I followed with a completely reasonable question:
"So, how much time do you spend on the Internet?"
"A lot of time. Tons of it. I suffer from insomnia and sleep for about 2-3 hours a night, so I get to spend a lot of time on social networks. I manage my Instagram (and I really do it myself!). I try to answer all the messages. But I always remember that we don’t have the privilege to lose the habit of a live dialogue. It is important to see how your friend reacts to lively discussion, to observe his emotions, and this cannot be accomplished through the virtual conversations on the Internet.
When I asked whether Vacchi remembers his very first post, he replied:
"Of course! It was that very first hot dance with Georgia on a yacht in 2013! At that time, I started paying more attention to the younger people; I was interested in the way they communicate, and whether they read newspapers or books, and where they find the information. That was the time when I realized that one day the next generation will communicate solely through social networks. It was like a social experiment: would I be able to attract Generation-Z who grew up in the era of Internet? The goal of this initiative was simple: to show my life the way it is. Not invented, not staged, not presented through the words of the most competent marketers. Soon after, my life was divided into 2 phases. The first stage was a strictly ordered life of the managing financier and businessman, when I wanted to earn a lot of money to improve the quality of my life and share the joy with my friends; and the second stage became the media figure that I created myself. Today, I live the life at its fullest and feel richer than ever before. And much happier. I laugh a lot. But after all, if you think about it, it's like a story with a clown who makes everyone laugh, but in fact turns out to be the most dramatic and profound actor. "
"Are you talking about yourself? Its hard to believe that you could have some downturns in your life!"
"Of cause? Every person had some disappointing experiences. The difference is in how one approaches that experience. I have an amazing ability to adapt to life situations and turn every bad moment into a good one! It is my life motto; and not surprisingly, I have two tattoos in Italian that remind me of my life philosophy: on my arm and on my belly (there are more than a hundred tattoos on his body). "Resilienza" - in a broad sense it means that I try to take lessons and thereby get a positive experience, even from the negative moments! I believe that the only way to actually learn life lessons is to have those “bad”, yet life-changing and thought-provoking moments! Just think about that! When something undesirable happens, you have a unique chance to change, learn, and grow based on your wisdom you gain from the past experience. For example, I had problems with the law, a very unpleasant experience in life, yet I overcame those problems, proving others wrong. This made me, undoubtedly, stronger."
"What experience would you call the worst in your life?" "The worst is the loss of the loved ones. I was greatly saddened by my father’s death, who was and remains for me the only role model. After his passed away, our close friend Giuseppe Gazzoni became an example and a mentor for me. He is 84 now and is the most elegant gentleman I've ever met. That was him who taught me how to build true friendships and welcome guests to my house."
"Gianluca, how do you feel about people who do not like you?"
"I'm very indulgent to such people. If you are successful, and very active in social networks, you will always find those who love you, and those who hate you. And being open-minded and polite is what will help you not let their insults hurt you. If they are jealous about your success and if they hate you for this, then it’s better for them to question their live philosophy and why are they not as successful in the first place. After all, I cannot offend anyone only by the way I perceive my life. Such people do more harm to themselves than to me. "
The more I talked with Gianluca, the more I got to know him. It seemed that you could talk with him endlessly!
When we paused our interview for the photo shoot and asked Gianluca to change the for another look, I got another dose of surprise. Vacchi asked me to help him choose the outfit and invited me to the most stylish dressing room. The immense room was flooded with the light, where everything was neatly hung in categories: one section for leather jackets for his rides on Harley Davidson, another section dedicated to jeans only, then suits, then shining clothes with rhinestones, silk pajamas ... and many other units spread around the huge room. I noticed that Vacchi prefers Italian brands for sure... One more section was dedicated to his enormous collection of ankle bracelets (one of Gianluca's most favorite accessories). In general, based on the vast number of accessories, I concluded that Gianluca is extremely in love with jewelry. But even that wasn’t as surprising as my next observation. When I came to the section allotted for tuxedos, I noticed that there was a vase with roses on the shelf. The stems of the roses were cut short. And, when Gianluca chose a tuxedo for the shooting, he approached the vase, selected one of the roses, and elegantly put it into his breast pocket. Roses were meant for exactly this! That was the highest class in its greatest sense!
And when it seemed that it was simply impossible to surprise us even further, Vacchi’s butler came to us. He was dressed to the nines! White stylish coat with gold buttons that perfectly matched his snow-white gloves! In Miami, it's very rare to meet the butlers who will serve the table or help to meet the guests in white gloves ... The butler carefully took the chosen tuxedo and carried it to Gianluca’s yacht for our next shooting location. As Gianluca later told us, all his personal have Italian heritage.
To sum up our meeting with Vacchi, I can only say that it was for sure the most pleasant, cheerful and light-hearted interview. Gianluca was genuinely happy when he posed in front of the camera, uplifting our mood and infusing his positive energy to us. He felt free to fool around, and even at some point laid down in the bathtub, right in his tux (that was truly an amazing photo).
Now I understand how this incredible Italian man managed to turn his own lifestyle into a brand: he takes his life with an ease and a touch of intelligent humor! Gianluca shows his audience how he simply enjoys his life! His posts from romantic adventures, dizzying "bows", gourmet breakfasts and dinners, parties on yachts and villas are all under the tag #gvlifestyle, and with his one and only unique signature: Enjoy! That way, he urges us to come to realization that every moment is valuable, do not miss it!
Now Gianluca is working on his new passion - music and tours the world with his DJ programs. Recently he gave a fantastic performance in Miami, which turned into a momentous success. It seems that absolutely everything that this incredible man initiates is given to him with an ease and immediately brings huge dividends. And then you start thinking: isn’t this all happening to him as a result of his life philosophy:
"You have only one life! And you can’t waste it on following stereotypes imposed by the society. Do not put off your life for later, savor it right now. Enjoy!”

Interview Nataly Stuart
Photography Nataly Stuart
Angel Pierini
Production Crew
Luis Mendoza, Daniel Pierini
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